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Book Review: Falling Into Place by Amy Zhang

Hello fellow Bibliophiles!

It’s been quite a while since I posted a book review, I’ve been doing heaps of errands and work. But here it is!


Falling Into Place by Amy Zhang

This book is the Story about Liz Emerson, who decides to kill herself by crashing her car. Unfortunately (or fortunately? I don’t know how this goes) it didn’t at that instant, but places her in a coma with her life hanging by the thread. The teller of the tale takes us back the times before the incident, and we pick up clues on why Liz Emerson, the most popular girl in Meridian, decides to end her life.

The story reminds me of Jay Asher’s 13 Reasons Why, which also talked about a troubled teen who committed suicide.

Falling into place, this book talks about the common struggles people would often encounter in their teenage years. Peer Pressure, Neglect, Popularity, Bullying, Addiction, Vices, Depression, Sex, etc. Especially depression, how people never seem to notice that someone is already crying for help.

I was teary-eyed in some parts of the book, because as a reader I know that Liz was crying for help but no one understands or can ever hear her. She was probably choking up on all that emotion she bottle inside of her which just made her crack. Also the concept of bullying, can definitely relate to that since I was bullied as a kid as well. It was hell. It makes you think you’re alone in the world.


The book also shows that you shouldn’t assume a person is defined by who he is on how he behaves in school. Even if they’re the football jock or homecoming queen, everybody’s got a mask on. Some may be hiding an angel, or some have masks to hide their problems away.

Actually, I guessed who the narrator was after about five chapters. I’m not spoiling this to you guys, but enjoy guessing! 😀

I recommend this book to my fellow 13 Reasons Why or Jay Asher fans, and to every teenager out there. If you’re looking for a book to help you with something you’re struggling, then please pick a copy of this up. 😀

Also, if anyone of my readers out there needs someone to listen, I’ll be glad to 🙂 If you want someone anonymous, please visit 7 Cups of Tea.


Remember guys, depression isn’t a joke. It’s real and can shake a person badly. If you have friends who are feeling down, cheer them up.

The world can never get tired of smiles anyways. 🙂


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