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Part 1 of the Getaway: Finding Paris in Cebu

Hey Everyone! Two weeks ago, I went on a trip with my family to three places here in the Philippines: Cebu, Dumaguete, and Negros.

In this post, I’m going to share with you Part 1: Cebu and Simala Church

Marbles the Adventurer

We woke up bright and early around five o’clock in the morning. The house was such a mess. Bags everywhere, food being prepped and stored, and of course those last minute checks of what we may have forgotten to bring.

Family in Dumangas Port

When we all agreed that everything’s packed and set, we’re all off to Dumangas Port to catch the first RORO vessel bound for Bacolod (RORO is an abbreviation of Roll-on/Roll-off and signifies a ship that carries trucks and cars). It was about a 2 hour sail. We kept busy with conversations and Candy Crush (yes, it’s a thing with my family).

Once we got to Bacolod around noon, we were off to the next port for another RORO that would take us to Cebu. We bought jollibee along the road to bring on the boat for lunch. My cousin, aunt, and uncles just came home form the US and they sure missed Jollibee!

This time, I think it took us about an hour to head to Cebu (the port, no the city yet). We took turns napping on the boat. Oh, and my nephew Drake was being adorable for the camera.


We got to the Port of Cebu at around…3PM? We then headed off to the city. Now, during our previous road trips (this in total, was our fourth family road trip) we always relied on the wonders of GPS to take us to our destinations. It hasn’t screwed us over yet, so we decided hey, why not use it again? We took the fastest route that was listed.

That’s when we realized that the fastest route is not always the safest. For some reason, the GPS system guided us to this abandoned road and let’s just say it was very “cliffy”. Plus the way was like a roller coaster confusing us with going up and down and blind curves. It was actually scary, since we didn’t pass by any vehicle in the road. When we reached one end of the road, there was massive construction going on above it and a sign that said “NO ENTRY” and “FALLING ROCKS AHEAD”. In the back of our minds, we wouldn’t want to go further, and we also didn’t want to go back to the winding road again.

Edge of Toledo

My cousin and aunt talked with one of the workers, and they did confirm this was a way to Cebu, just an old, and dangerous way. Luckily, he let us through, and we carefully drove out of the mountainous road.

We finally reached the city around seven in the evening and checked into our rooms and the Cebu Grand Hotel. After freshening up and recuperating from the traumatic experience of cliffs and mountains, we headed out to Ayala Center for dinner. We ate at this place called Hukad. Food was delish! (unlimited rice too). I didn’t take any photos of the place though. Sorry, my mind and stomach were agreeing to just eat during that time.

After dinner and some shopping, my cousins and I decided we should try out a cafe here in Cebu. Despite how tired we are, we are determined to find a cafe. Haha. So with a little help from Google, we found this French Cafe called “La Vie Parisienne”. From the hotel we took a cab to go to the place, it was five minutes away from Cebu Grand.

Winery at La Vie

Inside, they have a corner where you can find all kinds of wine. Another part of the store was their bakery where they served all types of pastries such as croissants, fresh from the oven. It’s really cool because they gave us a basket and tongs to shop for pastries.

IMG_0273 IMG_0274

We ordered some pistachio bread, apple cinammon pie, and a chocolate croissant. On top of that, we ordered some of the cafe’s coffee and french macarons as well.


The tables were out back in this beautiful garden, with a band playing live bossa nova music. What was amazing about the place was the Faux Cherry Blossoms all around that lit up! It was really beautiful to sit there, surrounded by these glowing cherry blossoms as you enjoy some french pastry with coffee while listening to the band.

If you’re ever in Cebu City, this is a nice spot to hang out after a long day.

This ends our first day in Cebu. I’ll post the remaining days soon!



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