Reliving the Magic! The New Harry Potter Series Covers by Bloomsbury are Magical!

When I was a young girl, I loved Harry Potter for the movies (was a big Emma Watson fan and Tom Felton fangirl, and still am!), but never really gave much heart for the books yet (you may deduct a few nerd points from me there).

When I got into highschool, that’s where my brain was stimulated into voracious reading. I also met new friends who told me to read the Harry Potter books because they said I was missing out. I really was missing out.

My first copy of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. My cousin gave this to me before he left for Vancouver

Back then, I have read only the first four books of the series. I got easily distracted with other books (I was in my Mortal Instruments phase XD).

But around October last year, I made a mental note that I should finish the Harry Potter series in 2015, it’s sort of like a mini-goal I give to my bookish shelf…err self. SELF.

I didn’t know where my other parts of the series went (I only have Sorcerer’s Stone, Goblet of Fire, and Order of the Phoenix left D: ) so I decided to order the missing books online.

Looking around, I found these editions published by Bloomsbury and thought they were really beautiful. I ended up buying the whole paperback set! XD

These new covers were designed by John Duddle, and they appealed to me instantly. I know that it’s different from the original covers I owned done by Mary GrandPré, but these give me a different magical feel.

Spine Art ❤

These covers make me feel like a kid again, and that whenever I pick it up, I hold in my hands the book that has the magic I never had when I was a kid. Which makes me never want to put the book down again.

They’re just too pretty!

Oh, if you guys are wondering if there are any illustrations inside this version I bought, sadly no. I’m not sure if they’ll release a version with illustrations inside this year, but hopefully they will! 🙂

What are your thoughts on these new covers of the Harry Potter Series? 😀 Tell me about them!

Oh, if you want to buy this boxed set, here’s a link to The Book Depository. They have free shipping internationally too! 😉

Harry Potter Box Set by Bloomsbury

Or if you just want to search for books from their site: The Book Depository

The Magic lives on!


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