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Almond Milk, your very own “Liquid Crack”

I remember a few months ago, I was looking up through reddit and saw a discussion talking about Almond Milk and it got me curious. One of the redditors mentioned it was “Liquid Crack”. The stuff is so good, people say they can’t get enough of it. Now being quite a curious cat as I am, I decided to go get me some almond milk and try it for myself.


I fell into a glum mood when I checked most of the grocery stores only carried cow’s milk and soymilk, but no almond milk. A friend and I hung out at Starbucks and to my joy, I saw that they sold Silk Almond milk in ready tetra-packs. I bought one impulsively, but disappointed when I tasted it. It didn’t taste as savory and nutty as what the internet says. This tasted more vanilla-like, and too sweet. Well, I guess I expected too much from store-bought almond milk.

Last week, I came across a store who says they sell homemade almond milk. Still in my struggle to give almond milk a chance, I bought three bottles. And immediately, me and the rest of my family finished a bottle in less than half an hour! When the internet said it was liquid crack, they weren’t kidding at all.

What does almond milk taste like? Well, it tastes just like almonds really. Opening up a bottle, and I get this big whiff of almondy and nutty smell. It’s really savory and filling. Really delicious, that I just have to control myself gulping it all down. Haha.

Does almond milk have benefits? Yes. Almond milk has more benefits than cow’s milk. 1) For those wanting to lose some extra pounds and a lower blood glucose sugar reading, a cup has lesser calories, carbs and sugar content compared that to whole cow’s milk. 2) Lower sodium content, and lesser saturated fat, which keeps your blood pressure in check and prevents the aggravation of hypertension in the long run. 3) It’s a rich source for Vitamin E, which helps with your skin.4) It’s a bit fibrous, so it also helps with digestion.

I think there’s more benefits of almond milk that I haven’t read up on, but I think the best one I can say from trying it is that IT TASTE BETTER THAN COW’S MILK.

IMG_9749 (1)_1

How to drink it is totally up to you. You can try adding some cinnamon or cocoa powder to your taste. Add it to cereal or oats too! Or drink it on its own. 😀

So is almond milk worth a try? YES. DEFINITELY.

If you’re in Iloilo, check out Denise’s shop called Healthy Press. She sells home made almond milk and as well as cold-pressed organic fruit juices she calls as “fruggies”. Totally worth the try!


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