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Althea Korea’s Philippine Launch: February Unboxing

Hi Everyone! Cam here, and I’m going to be writing about my first experience from buying at Althea PH.


So last February 18, Althea Korea launched their Philippine Online Store. The grand launch offered a P300 off on your order, and free shipping for orders totaling P999 and above.

Althea Korea (named after Korea’s national flower) is an online store that sells Korean beauty products from various popular brands such as Etude House, The Face Shop, Innisfree, etc. which makes it your one-stop shop for all. It was founded in 2014 with a goal to provide Korean beauty products to everyone in Southeast Asia.. Currently, I’m familiar that it caters to customers in Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, and now, the Philippines.

What Althea Promises

shipping althea

Althea promises that the products you order are shipped directly from their HQ at Korea right at your doorstep.


They promise the safe delivery of your items straight to your doorstep.


Lastly, they promise that the products are of high quality, and authentic and is willing to refund you if proven otherwise.

My Experience

It was a Monday morning when my friend Beaver told me that the website is up and going. I went on the site, made an account, looked through their catalogs and ordered a few things that I wanted. Currently, payment is only made through credit card or via Paypal. Once paid, you get a confirmation via email about your order. They also send you an email once your item gets shipped. For their first month, they offered Php300 off when you sign up.

The website stated that it takes roughly about 5-8 days until our orders arrived. Mine took about 5 days counting from the day it shipped, and 7 days if we count from the day I ordered. What I like about the delivery system is that they personally called me up to see if I was home, and delivered it personally to me. If you’re not home, they would usually ask for ID of whoever receives the package.

But yes, I got my Althea Box!

I love how pink the outer packaging is ❤

So whenever you order from Althea, they nicely arranged your products in this really cute box. The box actually reminds me of memeboxes and lootcrate. They seem to have a different box per month, with a theme. Since I ordered mine this February, I get the Valentine Box.




Opening the box, I am greeted by the products I ordered, all carefully wrapped individually with plastic and some bubblewrap. Oh, and some pink frou frou paper too! Packaging gets a 10/10 from me.


What I Ordered

Okay, now let’s get on with what is actually in the box. I didn’t order too much since I was still trying the website out, so I got myself three (3) items. I’ll probably review the items individually soon once I get into about a week or two in using them.

#1 Salmon Brightening Eye Cream by Skin Food (P,1020.00 30% P690)

I’ve started clinicals back in late January, and my sleeping schedule has been a complete mess. I would work early in the morning and sometimes at the wee hours of the night. It took a toll on my circadian rhythm. My eyes were always looking tired. So I found this eye brightening cream by skin food (also, SALE!) and decided to give it a try. As always, skin food never settles for less when it comes to the packaging of their products.


#2 Guerisson 9 Complex Cream (P664.05 21% P520)

This product has been getting a lot hype lately in the K-beauty world, saying that it helps moisturize, strengthen, and even repairs the skin. And being a sucker for magical skincare products, I decided to give this a try.

#3 Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask by Elizavecca (P2,280.00 72% P550.00)

Last but not the least, is this bubble clay mask! It cleans the face and firms it up, plus, once you lather it on, it generates bubbles! I can’t wait to try it!



Overall, my experience with Althea PH is good. I got my package on time, and the products were in good condition and as to their world, legit. Plus, you really save up from buying the actual products from retail because Althea offers big discounts on selected items. I’m definitely going to watch out for sales and monthly promos on their website. I would suggest to buy in bulk, because you get to save up on the shipping fee. 🙂

Oh, they also included this little freebie too!

If you love Korean beauty products, Althea PH is definitely one of the sites you should check out.

I hope you guys enjoy this review! And tell me in the comments your own experiences with Althea PH or if you have any questions as well! 🙂

Have a great day!


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