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Spontaneous Weekender: Tom n Toms Coffeehouse in Bacolod

When my cousin Cha came home to Iloilo during her off, we thought we (along with Steffi) would just settle with going around the city, and have a hang-in at home. And then suddenly, Cha had the idea of going to Negros to visit her mum for the last remaining days of her holiday off. So we packed our bags and took a boat trip to Bacolod the next day.
It was roughly an hour boat ride from Iloilo to Bacolod. The three of us mostly slept on deck, waking up in between to either tinker with crosswords or play games on our phones (Cha: Crossword, Steffi: Harvest Moon FoMT, Me: Neko Atsume and Tasty Planet).

When we finally arrived, Tita was still doing grocery so we needed to find a place to stay while waiting. We all agreed to take a cab go to Tom n Toms.

Tom n Toms

Tom n Toms is a coffee shop that had it roots from South Korea. I’m not sure, but their first branch here in the Philippines is this one in Bacolod. They serve a variety of coffee, shakes, desserts, and meals with their own kind of twist. And recently, they have Bingsu (it’s sort of like the Korea’s version of our Halo-halo).

Tom n Toms Coffeehouse in Bacolod City
I love the ambience of the place. The two-storey cafe looks like your typical coffee shop. I just love how spacious this place is, and that there are long tables you can use for business or school project brainstorming days. Haha

So we ordered the honey butter toast, garlic cheese butter toast, mango bingsu, walnut frappe, and a choco frappe.

Guys, you seriously have to try their toasts. It blew my mind that toast can taste this good! The garlic cheese was super savory and filling, and the honey butter was sweet and tastes cinnamon-y. The edges are crispy and gets soft as you munch into the middle. They were very filling yet addicting.

This was me and Steffi’s first time to try Bingsu. It was good. Something refreshing to have on a warm summer’s day. The shaved ice is actually ice cream, and it has this refine and smooth texture to it when you take a bite.

PS: the walnut frappe tasted like barnuts turned into a smoothie πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.


Overall, I’ll definitely come back here if I get to visit Bacolod again soon. Especially for the toast.
After our stay at Tom n Toms, we were off to go to Himamaylan, where we’ll be staying for the next three days.


If you guys are in Bacolod and want to check out Tom n Toms, here are the details:

Tom n Toms Coffeehouse

26th St. Bacolod, Negros Occidental

Phone: +63-34-703-2921


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